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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 09:17:26 EDT

I wrote:
>I'm not aware of any expression in colloquial, ordinary 
>... English of the form, "p & p"
On second thoughts, there is the range of expressions of the form,
       "He goes on and he goes on"
-- the OED does not seem to recognise this use of 'and'. 
Another example that came to mind was:
        "He tries and [he] tries."
for which google.com retrieves 887 hits. Curiously, most hits are of a  
sexual nature, but at least one is not:
_Native American Authors: Joe McLellan_ 
He tries and tries to get  the berries from the lake but each time he tries 
to get them out of the  lake his hands are empty. ... 

McEvoy may object that the case of 'tries and tries' is not really like  
Geary's "f* yourself and f* yourself'. 
In 'tries and tries', each 'tries' corresponds to a _different_ act of  
trying ('he tries in time 1, and he tries in time 2>1)? 
So perhaps we may still need to find a colloquial example of McEvoy's  
proposed challenge.

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