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How about a Citizens Mass Mailback? If you return it unstamped, W. will
have to pay the postage.
Putting Not Known Here (i.e. Return to Sender) might be even better...
Judy Evans

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> So there I am, innocently opening my post office box, rifling
> through mail,
> throwing away 50 envelopes of junk and keeping three, and I come
> to a large
> white envelope addressed to my husband, personally.  "Mr. James
> Krueger".  From,
> no less, www.GeorgeWBush.com.  I wonder suddenly if my husband
> is a closet
> republican.  If he has joined some treacherous group I am
> unaware of.  It is
> stamped with blood red large capital letters warning:  "Do not bend!
> Presidential photo enclosed".  It was too much for my curiosity.
>  I mean, really.  Inside
> I find a generous offer to contribute to the Bush/Cheney
> campaign and ......
> an 8 1/2 x 11 colour photo of the Pres himself and First Lady
> all in white and
> below....be still my beating heart....in graceful script:  "To:
> James H.
> Kruger, Thank you for your early commitment and dedication as a
> Charter Member of
> the campaign in Missouri.  Grassroots leaders like you are the key to
> building a winning team.  Best Wishes," and the signatures in
> royal blue ink of Laura
> Bush and GwB.  I entered my home telling my husband that,
> darling, I have
> such a wonderful surprise.  He was understandably shocked.  He
> didn't know he was
> a Charter Member of the GWB campaign in Missouri.  He swears to
> me he has not
> broken a sacred trust of our marriage and turned right-wing.  He
> notes that
> obviously they don't have his voting record on file.  I'm not
> sure whether to
> return the photo with a personal note, allow my children to play
> with it, or
> frame it.  So whaddya think it cost Dubbya to xerox and mail one
> of these to
> every registered voter in America?  And whaddya think the
> returns will be?  How
> many undecided voters will open theirs, and honk noisily, "Hey
> Marta -- looka
> this -- he *does* care about us, hell he even knows my middle
> initial!  We
> *gotta* vote for him now.  Oh, and have a 20?"  However, the
> package was worth
> every penny Dubbya spent -- I sorely needed the laugh.
> Julie Krueger
> Not, I repeat *Not* a member of any sort of the Bush campaign in
> Missouri.
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