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  • Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 18:13:50 -0700 (PDT)

Disillusionment is just divesting one's self of illusions.  Illusions in my 
opinion are built on sadness and anger.  Maturity in my opinion is the 
unencumbered but appropriate flow of emotions.  If emotions are flowing, 
appropriately, they're not being turned into obsessions and greed and all the 
other miseries.  As far as seeing humanity for what it is, well, humanity is 
what it is.  You tell me what it is, Mike.
Saul Bellow is one of those writers that one doesn't remember, that's probably 
why you don't remember him.  He's too impressionistic.  Way back once upon a 
time I read the Great Gatsby and I had the same problem.  It was like I never 
read it, and Fitzgerald was I think a screen writer, so his writing one would 
think would be pretty concrete.  I can't think of an author that I particularly 
like.  We're living in interesting times, and interesting times are more 
interesting than fiction in my opinion.  I guess I'll stick with Shakespeare.  
No doubt you came to praise Cesar, not to bury him...
It's Halloween, Mike.  I'm going as a very mature person.  I haven't picked out 
a costume yet.  Maybe Saul Bellows with a squirting flower in the lapel.  What 
are you going as?  I know.  You can go as a cook.  You can make "Reeses Pieces" 
minus the Reeses.  And the Pieces.  Actually, it's peanut butter, Splenda and a 
teaspoon or so of Hershey's unflavored cocoa powder, and a little fat free half 
and half to moisten  (in the sink, it can make a mess, at least the first 
time).  I'll bet that's Robert Paul's favorite Halloween tradition... 

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Really?  You find Bellow's style unreadable?  


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