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  • Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 02:27:18 -0700 (PDT)

Be fruitful and multiply says the bible, so sex was on everybody's mind for a 
long time.  Likewise the selfish gene's primary purpose is reproducing itself.  
But procreation isn't the point of sex nowadays, at least not in the 
markets expensive cars are aimed at.  Is sex more public?  I'm not sure that 
even that's the issue.  In 'primitive' societies (and we're pretty primitive, 
we just like to think we're not, hence the quotes) sex is out in the open.  
Sex is a part of life, no doubt, but animals don't obsess about it.  They don't 
even care about it.  They reproduce, they raise their young, they're done.  
Evolutionarily speaking I would think if being able to afford a big car ensured 
the best genes, then why are 50% of births nowadays to single mothers of 
multiple fathers and they don't even get basic child support?  So the 
evolutionary explanation doesn't satisfy.
So what's going on?  Does obsessing about sex as opposed to just passing along 
one's genes distinguish us from the rest of the animal kingdom?  If so, what's 
the point of the cerebral cortex?  To design better weapons and ad campaigns 
for cars, which of course they use sex to sell?  Personally, I think humans are 
basically so tranced out after millennia of wars and bad child rearing and who 
knows what all, that they're in pain, and the pleasure chemicals in the brain 
are basically an endogenous mood altering drug.  And it takes ever more 
stimulation to get the same high and so it keeps spiraling upward.  In the 
meantime, the cognitive part of the brain is less and less used.  
It's too bad that if humanity has to obsess about something it doesn't obsess 
about improving collective life in some way instead of just distracting itself 
in what is ultimately a downward spiral.  Money BTW is in the same category as 
sex.  It's just another obsession.   

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Is the obsession escalating, or is it simply becoming more public?  



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