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As I understand it, Islam allows "marriage" at any age, but forbids
consummation of the marriage until the female has reached "maturity" which
is defined as menstruating -- usually age 12 - 14.  These were strictures
promulgated by Mohammed himself who married Aisha when she was 7 (he was
about 51 -- no problem there) but he consummated the marriage two years
later, when she was 9 -- a no-no according to his own preachings).  But
what's the use in being a prophet if you can't bend your own rules?  A far
as I know the Catholic Church has followed similar laws, especially among
the nobility where arranged marriages were the custom.

When I was living in Seattle, there was a "scandal" involving a female high
school teacher having an affair with a 13 year old male student.  The
teacher Mary Kay Letourneau was charged with statutory rape.  I was, shall
we say, "conflicted" over the law here.  I fully support the arguments of
abuse of power in these cases, but I couldn't help thinking how much I would
love to have been banging a teacher in high school.  I'd have given my right
testicle for that badge of honor.  After all, I was trying my best to
convince my girlfriend that we should be doing the nasty.  It wasn't like it
would be against my will.  Male teachers lasciviating over female students
is another matter altogether (maybe only because I don't want the
competition).   Mary Kay was sentenced to 6 months of jail time and 3 years
of treatment for 2nd degree child rape.  But 2 weeks after being released
from jail she was caught having relations with the same boy again and was
sentenced to  7 years in prison.  She had his child while in prison.  She
should have named him Sixes And Sevens.

I acknowledge that I'm guilty of a double standard, but I think it should
not be illegal for women to rape men.

Mike Geary

On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 6:29 AM, Judith Evans <judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

> I forgot
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> I recently finished a book called, "Why I Am Not A Muslim."
>  Among the things I learned: that people who call the prophet
> a pedophile do so because he married
> a nine year old girl,
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Yes.  I don't know how common that was in the sixth/seventh centuries, I
> did finally remember there were child marriages (marriages of children aged
> 7 to 12/14 -- in England in the Middle Ages, and, presumably, before that
> too. (7 because the church refused to recognise/allow marriages below the
> age of 7 except where interests of state were involved).  We have no idea
> how widespread the practice was, as records are faulty.
> Yet nobody goes rampaging around yelling "paedophile" about all of that.
> (I add that paedophilia was not necessarily involved in dynastic child
> marriage or indeed in non-dynastic arranged marriages.)
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Currently, there is a concern in Western countries that some Muslims are
> taking daughters to the home country for circumcision and early marriage.  I
> have read about this issue being of concern in the U.S. and Canada
> <<<<<<<<<<<<
> this puzzled me slightly - the early marriage part, that is.  I'd have
> thought the US and Canada would, like the UK, recognise only legally
> contracted marriages.  The main relevant "home countries" have minimum
> marriage ages similar to ours.  Saudi Arabia has no minimum marriage age but
> then, I take it a Saudi child marriage contracted there would not be
> accepted here.  (The Yemen also I think must have no minimum age.)
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