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my friend, I am old, time is very precious, thinking takes time.
since what you call "frame of reference" is nothing, there is nothin' to
one moment your frame of reference is composed by properties  of Venus,
mass, it gravitational pull und so weiter, next moment the frame of
reference is a form of "reasoning" (whatever that is) or even worse the
framework, I suppose the Calabi-Yau [is that what you call frame of
reference?] to talk about brane theory
if you want to understand I humbly suggest you use your brain, instead
of spouting arrogant bullshit.
All the best

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Eric Yost wrote:

>  >>I think what is needed is steep increase in the amount of fluid
> As you suggest. More fluids, more blood to the brain. Focusing the few
> effective neuronal networks left.
> Now, out of courtesy, having followed all your prescriptions but the
> enema (lack of equipment, lack of motivation) please tell me why my
> track of argument is so wrongheaded?
> I want to understand. The best way I know to elicit your response in
> this situation is to ask questions. I understand that complicated
> mathematics surpasses our ability to visualize its implications. Yet is
> this form of understanding (working on 11-dimensional problems) not
> carried out in a particular frame of reference, i.e., mathematical
> reasoning?
> Eric
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