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This may amuse some of you.


Dr. Khan Q. Abdul 
Khan Research Institute, Pakistan. 

Dear Andreas, 

I am Dr. Khan Abdul Quader, a native of Pakistan Nationality and a 
Renowned Nuclear Scientist/founder of Pakistan Nuclear bomb. 

After my televised admission of leaking nuclear arms secrets to 
Iran,Libya and North Korea. And, in my confessional speech I took
responsibility for the scandal and absolved the government and fellow 
scientists of any blame. 

President Musharraf of the Pakistan Government was reported to have 
said that there was a written mercy appeal from my very good self and  
there was a written pardon from the President. Though Pakistani 
commentators have called for a full investigation into the
proliferation scandal 
saying that I have been made a scapegoat to cover up military 
involvement and also the President has made it clear that Pakistan
would not 
hand over any document relating to the
investigation into the proliferation scandal to the IAEA whose head  
has warned that I, Dr. Khan was the "tip of the ice berg for
us" in the 
illegal trafficking of nuclear technology. 

The President's emphatically pointed out that there had been no 
official or governmental involvement in the transfer of nuclear 
He also added that the accusations against some Pakistani
scientists who had done so was based on grounds of personal financial 
benefits they were alleged to have gained just as there were
against some Europeans as well. President Musharraf's 
emphasis on dissociation of any governmental authority's role in the 
process of transfer of nuclear technology is borne out by the
of people in authority at the time the transfer had taken

All, I want from you is honesty and sincerity to assist me make
of some funds, I did deposited in Abroad, as the other deposits 
documents have been confiscated and seized by the the government. But,
this one is the only one they could not source out, as I did kept the 
documents with one of my close confidant, who was also arrested. 
The Amount being deposited is much about US$56,500,000.00  (Fifty Six 
Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States  Dollars Only), as this
the money that was supposed to be for myself as part of my
fee for the transfer of nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North 
Korea and has been lodged  with a Finance/Investment body
for safety, abroad. 

I have been recently been removed from my post as the Scientific 
Adviser to the Pakistani Prime Minister.Though not arrested I have 
advised not to leave town without government permission and also
not to make any out going calls but can only send/receive out emails. 
I will look for a way out and sneaked out of Pakistan and travel down 
to meet you, so we can go into a life time Joint venture Partnership 
together, in investing this money in your country and anywhere else
prefer. I will send you my Photo, My private mail address is below, 
please do reply via it. 

Sincerely yours, 
Dr. Khan Q. Abdul 
E-mail: quader_ab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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