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Interesting. Very. It's based in London (the para. you saw says) but looks
to me like an anti-Israel US Christian site.

Judy Evans

Judy Evans

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> You must have looked in the wrong place, Andreas:

whoa. wait a minute. wait a dog-gone minute.

who's been looking in the wrong place?

something about that website looks funny.

Verio is advertising on al Jazeera? huh? since when?

i went to my list of links and clicked al Jazeera.

good ol' al Jazeera, the Arabic website otherwise known as the pain in the
butt of the USA, is at http://english.aljazeera.net

note the .net

it's not .com

hmmm... there's an About Us button at the bottom of the .com version.

let's click on that and see what comes up...

ah, ha.

"Aljazeera.com is NOT affiliated to the Qatari based Satellite Channel and
website English.Aljazeera.net."


Judy, you been lied to big time. you've been bamboozled, befuddled,
beguiled, betrayed, bilked, bled, bluffed, buncoed, burned, caboodled,
cajoled, cheated, chicaned, chiseled, coaxed, conned, confounded, confused,
cozened, cribbed, crossed, deceived, defrauded, deluded, diddled, done,
double dealt, double-crossed, duped, enticed, exploited, fast talked,
finagled, finessed, fleeced, flimflammed, fooled, fudged, gouged, gypped,
had, hoaxed, hoodwinked, hornswoggled, hosed, humbugged, jerked around,
jockeyed, juggled, lured, manipulated, milked, misled, reamed, ripped off,
rooked, roped in, sandbagged, scammed, screwed, snookered, seduced, shafted,
shaved, shorted, shucked, skinned, snowed, stiffed, strung along, stumped,
sucked in, suckered, sweet-talked, swindled, taken in, taken out, tricked,
and trimmed.

Judy Evans

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