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Rich. One is reminded of the student who, after having the course lecturer 
alter the date of the make-upp quiz twice -- and then being turned down when 
she wanted to get a third chance at deciding on the quiz date -- complained 
that the lecturer, since he had accepted changing the quiz date twice already, 
was now acting unpredictably, and questioned what she termed his inability to 
provide services to students.
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>Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: Purposeful vs. Mindless Behavior - nomen est omen
>Neither do I, maybe we should ask them ?       O.K.
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>Subject: [lit-ideas] Purposeful vs. Mindless Behavior - nomen est omen
>It is reported that 2 people were injured and 20 were arrested at a shopping 
>mall during rioting and looting following an autographing event by the 
>American 'boy band' Mindless Behavior. "I don’t understand what the purpose 
>of that was," was the reported reaction from mall general manager John Sarama.
>Chris Bruce,
>Kiel, Germany

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