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You  can't live in the past,
but it's only the present that can kill  you.

I was cleaning a dresser drawer today (not a closet--the infamous closet  
which never has anything placed in it but always is full...)   
Found all sorts of memories.  Sweet ones, of Ben.  Ranging from  pictures of 
when he was teeny tiny to notes from teachers of years past and  front-office 
thank-yous for gifts he has given them.  Why they were not  filed long ago--I 
have no idea. Perhaps they hid--waiting for such a day as  today when I needed 
to ponder long ago...
and then... the bitter-sweet ones of memories of not-so-long ago...looking  
at scraps of papers: thoughts written down of conversations with the odd  'need 
to remember' phrase, airline ticket stubs, hotel bills so I remember the  
ocean view and cool breeze, packets of matches to remember dinners out  and 
I lived in the past and remembered that it was not today.  And, it is  gone.  
and thought of this:
TIme is...
Time was...
Time is past...
and then read the Sunday Poem.
and thought some more of today.
Thanking you for the thought,
Musing in Missouri

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