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I haven't had time to peruse all the links re. dogs in India, but a quick  & 
simple question -- are dogs (some) not considered domesticated animals who  
are kept as pets by families?  What about cats?
Julie Krueger
animal lover -- we've had aquariums, finches, doves, mice, cats, dogs,  
ferrets, and rabbits.

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> A FAQ from the Stray Dog Welfare  Society:
> http://www.wsdindia.org/FAQs/faqs.htm

Of all the links,  this one matches what I saw.

Before I went to India, I got vaccinations  for a number of things. The 
doctor, who is a 
professor at Stanford and a  world expert on tropical medicine,  told me 
about rabies. I told 
him  that I was going camping in India (a group of us spent three days in a 
national  park) 
and he said that rabies was widespread, so avoid contact with animals,  incl. 

Thus when I arrived, I noticed all of the dogs (how can you  miss them?) but 
I stayed away 
from them for several days. But eventually, I  noticed the dogs simply minded 
their own 
business. I asked friends about the  dogs, and they just shrugged their 
shoulders. Nobody 
bothered the dogs and  the dogs bothered nobody.

One night, I was walking back to the hotel.  Crossing the hotel's park, I saw 
a dog curled up 
asleep in the middle of the  tennis court. I walked over to the dog. He 
looked up. I held out 
my hand to  let him sniff it. He did, and then licked my hand once. Then he 
sat down again.  
He didn't particularly care one way or the other that I was there. I walked  
off. He didn't 
follow me. Just went back to sleep on the tennis  court.

I couldn't imagine a dog in the USA would act this way. It'd run,  it would 
approach, it 
would bark or growl, it would follow... but it  wouldn't act like the dogs in 

Certainly there are some people who  demand the removal of dogs. And there 
are some people 
who demand the removal  of all sorts of things.

But the fact remains that there are tens of  thousands of street dogs in 
India, and they 
don't behave at all like  Lawrence and others think dogs should behave.

Thus I can grant Lawrence  his argument and postulate that every single US 
dog expert agrees 
that dogs  must be mastered. But the simple fact of the sleeping dogs in 
India proves them  


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