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From various Indian Press:

**The Hindu:

More from the Hindu:

Amitsar (see "Stray Dog Menace Haunts City Residents"):


Bangladore: (this is a blog: see number 6 for a word about the dogs):

A FAQ from the Stray Dog Welfare Society: http://www.wsdindia.org/FAQs/faqs.htm

This is just for starters; there's much more if you've got the time.

Andreas Ramos wrote:
The dogs in India don't challenge you at all. They act just like everyone else in India: they mind their own business.

The dogs didn't follow people around, begging for food.

The dogs didn't chase after cars.

The dogs weren't territorial. They didn't defend any area. You walk right pass them and they ignore you.

The dogs didn't bother each other. Often, there would be several dogs, hanging out. Other dogs came walking by. The first group didn't react at all.

I noticed all of this, because it seemed odd to me. If you put a few thousand dogs on the street in Palo Alto, the dogs would act like we expect them to act. But not in India. Maybe this has to do with the way American dogs are brought up. Or maybe the Indians are right and there's reincarnation, and these are Buddha dogs.

But for whatever reason, the dogs in India don't behave in the ways that Americans expect dogs to behave.


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