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1. There are quite a few reactions on "Slashdot" to this story. You can follow them here:


2. Personally, I'd say that I have seen less cheating lately than in earlier years. Some of it may come from the way I've changed giving assignments to students, so that they can't just write a canned paper on a generic topic and hope to do well; they have to address quite specific concerns we've discussed in class and with quite specific readings in mind, and I doubt that a paid-writer could put in enough time for this to be worth it.

eternitytime1@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, to all of you!
Here's an article for those who are wondering about the state of higher education in a way. I'd be very interested to know what others think of this. Do you think this is more, less, or about the same as it has always been?

Marlena in Missouri

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