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I was waiting for Julie to report in, but since she is distracted with other Lit-Ideas topics, I will explain.

We have come a LONG way from 2000 and 2004. It was undecided up to the last minute.

Final results:  McCain 49.4%  and Obama  49.2%

Was awfully close.

But, remember--we have to contend with this sort of thing (I'll share a kid story)

This is about a conversation my son had in Spanish class yesterday--yes, we thought the election was over, too. A whole group of the kids ended up being furious that Obama had won--and there is, apparently, word that it was because of McCain's not standing behind Bush. (this is contrary to the other crowd he and I both know who are blaming Palin for McCain's loss--as though she selected herself as McCain's running mate...) In case you didn't know, Bush was and is a fantastic president. Btw...he HAD to do *something* after 9-11. When Ben said--absolutely, and no problem going into Afghanistan. The response was 'but Iraq is who attacked us on 9-11, so he had to go there'. Then, when Ben tried to explain who had attacked us, they said 'but what about all the nuclear weapons they found in Iraq'. "WHAT nuclear weapons" he responded. "Don't you watch tv?" They asked him. As he told me, in some exasperation, even the biased news stations have never like that there were nuclear weapons found. (he watches Fox each morning and has for years--he likes balance and they do get the weather correct more than some of the others)

To her credit, the Spanish teacher (he said), never said a word during the whole discussion--tit was at the end of the class, I guess. She did tell him, as he was collecting his books, that he handled the situation quite well.)

B's question to me was "Who are their parents?" and "This is what we have to look forward to when they can vote, too." But, Missouri has Julie's kids and mine. And, they have friends...and they THINK. (and, as my son said--those kids would not know a credible source if they were given some to chose from. They wouldn't last one minute in Debate. Oh, btw--last Policy issue debated on that I judged dealt with whether or not the USA should model its healthcare system after that of France. One of the groups who had the 'con'--didn't use the typical arguments...they started out by agreeing we needed to change, but just not to that of France. That we needed to model the USA after Japan. I thought of this List, of course, at that. For those who do not know, France according to WHO has the best healthcare in the world...but it is, after listening to several sessions, debatable. At least by bright Missouri High School kids. No wonder we are all conflicted here...we see every side.)

Lates toipc that is interesting here in Missouri, is the latest discussion points are not about moving forward, but about how wonderful Bush is/was (it is, of course, from the WSJ opinion page, the media and the general pubilc who have said he has done a bad job and then created the bad job for him--not his policies, etc) Oh, and how it was Palin who destroyed McCain's chances. I do not remember any of that sort of discussion after Kerry lost--but it is even on the radio stations which traditionally play music around here (except for the two stations which just started playing Christmas music. THOSE announcers are rather cheerful and stated that the elction was over and they were going to be gettng into the holiday spirit. Joining Walmart which just began playing Christmas music over their intercom system)

Give us time, please. We're making progress. The real quirk was (maybe--need to check on this further) was all those who went Libertarian -- and that is a question. Do you think the Republican party will become known as the Far Right and Neo-Con party and the moderate Republicans will all end up builiding up the Libertarian Party? In my area, those who could not bear to vote Dem--we know some of them and most of them have a lot of money and are very much social-issue moderates-and that is what they did. At least about 15 families we know--all of whom make about 6-8 times more a year than I do

...and in a .2 % difference, I wonder...

Like Julie, I'm still not sure it is real--this having Hope thing is interesting. It will be hard, I think, to find our way back up the cliff that we were falling from, but at least there is someone who knows how to climb.

BUT--here is a fun thing to imagine. One of my friends is married to a guy in the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) and their chapter all dressed up in their uniforms to go out and vote. (We in Missouri like to have fun, I think. At least we moderates...)

Marlena in Missouri
Where the Future is Coming

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Obviously I meant "in the near future", rather than "in the new

Yeah, I was getting tired of the old future. When are you guys going to
get your act together in Missouri?

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