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Hi, To All,

Simon: When it came down to it, Eric seemed to be concerned that libraries 
would no longer be peaceful refuges from the rigours of global disharmony and 
as such it would be good and proper to nuke the buggers to extinction. I wasn't 
entirely sure that this was an appropriate response.

Yes, since I am involved in the Library Business (albeit public library 
business where we give 'em what they want and not what they need...or what we 
think they need, even), Eric's solution did seem a bit extreme to me.

As a sidebar, here is a library question for all of you in regards to viewing 
academic libraries in this day, age, and time:

Describe a 21st Century liberal arts college library and how to integrate it 
with instructional technology, undergraduate research, and the learning styles 
of today’s students.

The trend is fascinating and I am wondering if it "works".  Or, are they yet 
relevant?  If so, how or why?

Marlena in Missouri
Back from ALA Conference (American Library Association)

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