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Okay, now I'm perplexed.  I used both Google & Wikipedia searching  using 
various lines from the ditty and neither one showed anything except  someone's 
personal page or blog or something where a gal quotes the same stanza  in a 
slightly different version.  Over the years I've come across this  thing in 
variations.  I was sure there was a second "stanza".  It  doesn't matter, isn't 
important, but now that both Google and Wiki have let me  down I'm perplexed!
Julie Krueger
(it ought to be as simple as the touch of a key)

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Erin wrote:

> If you don't believe this  lie is true,
> ask the blind man, he saw too.

Thanks. I didn't  forget them--I never knew them. That's too bad because they
seem to raise an  important point about self-referential statements, á là the
Liar Paradox,  Russell's paradox about class membership, etc. That's no doubt
how Erin got  into philosophy.

Robert  Paul

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