[lit-ideas] jestesz kot lub kotem

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are you a cat or a cat? not as simple as it sounds -- cat in the instrumental takes the particle -em in the singular, so that the cat is on the mat comes out different to it is a cat on the mat.

some of these matters can take some patience to make peace with. say someone would really like the cat to have been on the couch, while a simple glance at said piece of furniture revealed it to be as gone as the chesire cat (sans grin -- cat's never stop smiling, even as they register as absentees). this someone could apply any of the present approaches to conjure the cat couch-wise: (1) write a letter of protest; (2) attend a rally; (3) refuse to accept the cat _as_ cat; (4) etc.

nevertheless and less than never, the cat under discussion remains on the mat and therefore _not_ on the couch.

be that as it may.

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"It makes no difference to me at what point I begin, for I shall always come back again to this. It is necessary both to say and to think that being is; for it is possible that being is, and it is impossible that not-being is; this is what I bid thee ponder." -- The Goddess of Parmenides
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