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Okay -- 3 or 4 responses didn't tell me much, but at least I'm not alone in 
being clueless <g>.  My 6th grader brought home a note from Middle School 
telling parents that adults had become aware that girls were wearing different 
coloured jelly bracelets and that for the students the colours were "codes".  
noticed these jelly bracelets and thought them cute baubles.  Depending on 
which colour bracelet a boy "snapped" the girl wearing it was obliged to 
a sexual act.  The teachers confiscated the bracelets and sent home the note.  
My 12 yr old told me she knew nothing about the color coding until her 
teacher explained to the class why she had taken the bracelets from the kids.  
husband was reading the note and and said aloud "jelly bracelets"?  My 10 year 
old 4th grader who was walking through the room stopped and said, "You mean sex 
bracelets?".  When I managed to stammer "What?" she told me that in her 
school (elementary school, yes) some girls wear bracelets called "sex 
and if a boy snaps a colour the girl has to do something -- pink is kissing, 
is french kissing, black is "doing it", etc.  I asked how she knew this.  She 
said everyone knew it and if I wanted I could look at sexbraclets.com!  
Apparently the children use it to learn the colour code.  Then she asked me if 
was "true" that those colours meant those things.  I'll be mentioning this 
phenomenon to the principal at the grade school who is, I'm sure, as clueless 
as I 
was.  Sure enough, there is such a web site, which among other things 
advertises sex toys and does give a guide -- one of the colours is for oral 
sex.  The 
note that came home indicates that this is a phenomena that originated in 
high school and has trickled down.  I was curious to know if this is 
in grade & middle school or a local thing; if I were alone in naive innocence.
Julie Krueger
ceaslessly appalled

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You can have full credit if you mail me two boxes of kleenex.
Will you give me partial credit for this question, teacher?

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