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I do not eat fat but I am not insensitive to its value to most fast food giants 
straddling the globe on their chubby little legs. 

Andy Amago <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
        Mr. Spratt, welcome to the list.  I assume you're an American, even if 
you presumably eat no fat.  This is an interesting premise.  Perhaps it's 
because Islam only preserved, didn't create, where the Greeks created.  But 
then, the Romans copied the Greeks.  Christianity was to some extent based in 
philosophy, while Islam is strictly theology.  The Europeans veered away from 
religion with the advent of the Renaissance, while Islam veered more strongly 
toward religion.  Religion is a perpetual Dark Ages.  Sometimes we clash with 
that which we see ourselves in.  We, the U.S., don't want to admit we're moving 
into, or have moved into, a new Dark Ages, so we reject that part of ourselves 
by giving it onto others, the Islamists.  In that sense We Are Islam, and Islam 
is Us.  

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  As new member of this list a question is on my mind. If the Christian and 
philosophical underpinnings of the west are built upon the thoughts of 
Aristotle, and these thoughts were preserved by Islamic scholars while Europe 
was wallowing in the Platonic Dark Ages, why this disengagement by westerners 
from recognizing Islam as a major contributor to what the west has become? 
Rather than comparing the US to Rome would it not be more helpful to compare it 
to Islam? After all Islam is a scientific, philosophical, religious and warrior 
empire that survived, not to mention that it is an empire that cannot be 
defined geographically not unlike the spread of unrestrained global capitalism. 
It may be that the west?s thought processes run along the same lines as Islam 
but denial is a strong force.
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