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In a message dated 7/31/2004 5:57:59 AM Central Daylight Time,  
carolkir@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
My  Fresno-laced suggestion to you, regarding your neighbors, is in the  realm
of starting a street fight or gang war, for the hell of it. 

Maybe that is what Jacobsen has done ... maybe she is from Ohio ... 
(Lance would probably tell you to tell your dog that he is to ignore the  
fireworks as he is probably just over-reacting.  No one else will be  bothered 
them but you and your dog...and your neighbors are just doing what  is 
culturally appropriate to themselves and ought not be asked to behave in any  
shape or form so that Others could sleep.)
Still, like Carol, I'm restless here, too.  I just thought it was the  
upcoming blue moon.  (The second full moon in a month is called that, I  found 
On a different list, someone had asked for recipes as she was  attending a 
Blue Moon party--I had had no idea why a party would have been  called 
that...and still don't really know why a moon would be called  'blue'...)
Wishing she could mow the lawn and get that done with (my version of  writing 
a poem or doing accounting), but afraid it would waken the neighbors  (silly 
me, for caring...),
Marlena in Missouri

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