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Indeed the policy is not enforced by any means. Attempts to enforce it led to 
difficulties in virtually all of the rural areas. To my knowledge only in the 
shanghai commune there was a following.

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China's one child policy is hardly consistently enforced, the people who have 
some money to pay to the state (it's framed as a fine, but it could be 
considered a sort of head-tax) can have a second child.


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Wise and observant, as always, Lawrence.   I'm reminded of the Aristocratic 
tendency to give the name and estate to the oldest son and send the others 
either to the Church or the military to make their way.

on the shores of a frozen lake
(and frozen everything else)
in North Bay, Ontario

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            China’s one-child resolution has bred
            A generation of soldiers who prize
            Themselves as their mother’s do.
            They whine and want to quit.  The
            Generals are vexed.  In my case
            My mother signed so I could enlist
            At seventeen.  She still had my brother

            Who was twelve and another newly
            Born.  It wasn’t just that though;
            I was overly independent,
            Prone to fight and with
            A chip on each shoulder –
            Just the sort to be shipped
            Off to whatever wars

            We wanted to pursue.  As to my
            Worth my mother said years later
            She wished she’d stopped
            Having children after me.
            She would have been able
            To cast me into the priest
            Of her mind’s eye.


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