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  • Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 10:38:50 -0600

No. As Josef Popper-Lynkaeus said, when a person dies _a_ universe dies with

Yes, that is more correctly said -- except for the pronoun agreement : ). Also more apropos in that Yostino's universe is ex cathedraly Yostino's with all rights and privileges pertaining thereunto. If he has 'greatest things' in his universe then by the god that isn't, there are greatest things in his universe. And if there is meaning to his universe, then by that same non god, there's meaning appertaining. My argument is just a vestige of my former religious beliefs. Without eternity and an eternal meaning-giver there is no "real" meaning. There are ad hoc purposes, reasons, significances, aesthetic experiences and ambitions, etc., but when the nit comes down to gritty, all is provisional and ephemeral. That's MY universe anyway. Yours is yours, obviously. I refuse to accept responsibility for yours.

Yes, the Yoster is right, a flower is the labor of the ages. So is Saran Wrap. Everything is embedded in the history of the universe. Every thing we perceive is a door out of our confined self into the realm of wonder and awe. And then we die. Then there is nothing. Thankfully we never know we're dead. "Meaning" should be made of more enduring stuff, that's all I'm saying. And I won't say it again. You can't make me.

Mike Geary

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