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Paul Stone:
> SO.... now I have a scar
> that I wouldn't have and I wasted six hours and hundreds of dollars of the
> taxpayers money to get an x-ray and a bandaid [literally].

Sounds like a toss up to me.  On the one hand you lost bragging rights about 
how many stitches it took to save your hand, on the other hand (tee-hee) you 
got a manly scar upon which unlimited heroic stories can be woven.  Ah, Take 
the taxpayers cash and let the time credit go, nor heed the rumble of a 
distant USA Insurance Industry drum.

> Now, I'm not completely disrespecting the Canadian Health Care system. 15
> years ago, I had a life-saving heart operation that, had I lived in the
> united states, I would probably be paying for, for the rest of my life.

No, had you lived in the U.S. and not had insurance, you'd be dead now.  My 
rich, great aunt Emmy when told she needed a triple by-pass, asked her 
doctor, "What do people do who can't afford this operation?"   "The 
graveyard is full of them," he said.

Being self-employed, I have no health insurance.  I don't fret about it.  I 
am like my grandfather who at 95 still bragged about never having been to a 
doctor, "Doctors kill people"  he always said.  But when he was 95, he fell 
and broke his hip and my Dad took him to the doctor and three months later 
he was dead of pneumonia.  "Damn, if he wasn't right," my sorrowful Dad 
acknowledged.  Doctors?  Ha!  I laugh at thunderstorms.  I shake my fist at 
God and dare him cross the line.  I dance up and down ladders.  "Catch me if 
you can," I taunt Fate, Karma and Capitalism -- especially Capitalism who 
will lose big time having to eat all my debts.

Mike Geary

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