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<<Dollars negate the reality of  others. >> 
First thing you've said in a while  that I agree with.  That does worry me a 
bit .... 
Julie Krueger 

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> Andy:  ....  Maybe the potential for moral law within, a vastly 
> unrealized potential  indulged in by about 1% of the population.
> Eric: Is this really  true? Most non-sociopaths in the population 
> make value judgments of  some kind or other. Many of these judgments 
> require some inner moral  sense of some kind.

A.A. Most non-sociopaths (non-sociopaths) pay  their taxes because they'll
go to jail if they're caught.  They pay for  groceries because there are
store detectives and people checking receipts in  Walmart and sensors in
other stores.  Likewise they restrain themselves  from assault and battery,
writing bad checks, identity theft, whatever,  because there are laws, lemon
laws and many other laws.  Given an  opportuntity to write laws favoring
their interests, organizations such as  pharma will write the laws to make
their immoral behavior legal and then  write advertising to convince you
they're your friend.  Oil corporations  are at this very moment receiving
government subsidies while oil is over $50  a barrel.  If civility were
natural, would this be happening?  This  isn't mentioning all the really bad
stuff.  All the moral judgments  involved in white collar crime, bullying in
schools, gossiping around water  fountains, needing to feel superior to
others, etc. etc. ad nauseum, happen  every day by and to nearly everybody. 
Historically and still in parts of the  world, things are far far worse. 
Where do you see inner moral  sense?

> A moral law [a priori] need not be based on what  "pleases the gods," 
> as Plato shows in _Euthyphro_. 

Not  please the gods, just please the police officer and the teacher and the
store  detective and the IRS auditor.

It could just be that as we grow, we  
> tend toward less egotism and more sense of the reality of  others.

Growth is measured by dollars.  Dollars negate  the reality of others.  

Andy Amago

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