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Yes, thank you.  While my family is not speaking to me <g>, my  friends (even 
the Republican ones) still are...and this is interesting as  Eisenhowers 
daughter (or grand-daughter--I cannot remember) is now running  
in KC...and that came up not long ago...with the statement that  surely THEY 
were going to vote for Bush...
It may also come into play as my son and I go man phones this weekend for  
the Kerry campaign.  (His idea--I'd rather go door-to-door as I dislike  
telephones so much <g>)   
My son is pretty funny about all of this.  Even while being his age,  he has 
read almost everything regarding Bush/Kerry (on both sides), and is very  very 
concerned for his generation.  He has also been asking his teachers  who they 
are voting for and why--and if any of them would like a Kerry sign  <g> as we 
will be picking them up this weekend. (One taker--most of them  have 
privately told Ben that they cannot talk about politics at school but that  
they will 
be voting for Kerry--and one of them said that if we can get it to her  after 
school, she would like one...He actually has three people lined up for  signs, 
Missouri will be interesting to watch.  Ann Richards (former gov of  Texas) 
was in Clay County this week.  (which Gore won by one single vote  last time)  
There is a new group in our area of Women for Kerry and another  of People of 
Faith for Kerry...they brought her in to speak.  Both  campaigns are focusing 
alot on Clay County...it will be intriguing as well since  it has grown about 
7.8% a year since the last election.  I don't know where  the people came 
from, though...(if from Kansas, then probably it will vote  Bush--if from KCMO, 
then probably Kerry...)
Thanks, so much!
Marlena in Missouri
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FOCUS: John Eisenhower | Why I Will Vote for John Kerry for  President

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