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Monday, November 1, 2004, 2:14:32 AM, JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx wrote:

Jac> Please explain ibuprofen gel?  I've never heard of it.

Ibuprofen's the generic name. The generic should be available in the
US both on and off-prescription, but you may know the non-generic,
Advil is one of the US names.  The gel is for topical use.  It won't
though work unless it gets into the system so the normal recommended
"dose" doesn't work; and it shouldn't be used with ibuprofen (or other
NSAID) pills.  But it is great, applied thickly (I did check what I
was doing with my GP) for RSI-inflamed wrists.

It's very widely available here.

(Ah. I see.  Your drug companies don't want to spend the money to get
it FDA approved because the patent's expired.  Some people in the US
buy it from other countries.)

Nail varnish is nail polish, yes.

Jac> Btw, is  "nail
Jac> varnish" something you put on your fingernails?  Another  
Brittish/American vocab
Jac> thing.  We use nail polish on our nails and varnish  on floors and 
Jac> which are wooden.
Jac> Julie Krueger
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Jac> I hate the codeine effect but I agree it's needed  for bad pain.

VC>> One of the things about this business of medications  like this
VC>> being available elsewhere is that in these countries drug  abuse is
VC>> much less, regardless of the drug of choice

Jac> True. But  it was even more true here till heroin etc. were
Jac> criminalized. (Before then  registered addicts could get supplies, up
Jac> to a certain amount, from their  GPs.)

VC>>.  Here (US) they have even removed some  household  cleaning
VC>>products because kids abuse them.

Jac> next they'll ban nail  varnish remover...

Jac> Is ibuprofen gel licensed there  yet?

Jac> Judy

Jac> Monday, November 1, 2004, 1:47:14 AM,  Veronica Caley wrote:

VC>> Thank you for the information.  I used  to purchase it for someone here
VC>> before they had anything for migraine  head aches. Since then this person
VC>> has passed away.  But it's  good to know that it is available. I will
VC>> purchase a bottle for us as  I always wondered what to do if some really
VC>> painful event occurs  during the weekend, such as a tooth ache.

VC>> One of the things about  this business of medications like this being
VC>> available elsewhere is  that in these countries drug abuse is much less,
VC>> regardless of the  drug of choice.  Here (US) they have even removed some
VC>> household  cleaning products because kids abuse them.

VC>>  Veronica

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>>>  Saturday, October 30, 2004, 11:34:06 PM, Ursula Stange  wrote:
>>> US> In Ontario, 222's (apirin with caffeine  and codeine) are still
VC>> available
>>> US> from the  pharmacist without prescription -- but you have to ask --
>>> US>  they're not out on the shelves.
>>> It probably is the same  here; they'll be behind-the-counter or in
>>> locked glass display  cabinets.
>>> --    Judy Evans, Cardiff,  UK
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