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I saw 10 minutes of Deal or no Deal.  That was enough to make me never  watch 
it again.  Oh, for one try at Wheel!
Julie Krueger

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>The tail  end of Wheel of Fortune caught my attention.  The gal won 
>$93,000  and some odd change for guessing words.  $93,000 in a half  
>hour.  Not bad.

Perhaps one of the best demonstrations of  the ostensible 
"superiority" which most Americans assume was in the  television 
series "Friends" when the character Joey [who is rather  
feeble-minded] is watching "the wheel" where the board shows _OUNT  
RUSH_ORE and he is shouting at the screen "Oh COME ON, it's Count  
Rushmore, it's Count Rushmore!'


Have you checked out  "deal or no deal" or "1 vs 100" or "the Rich 
List"? It's getting  increasingly easy to win huge wads of cash on 
game shows. It's really the  only reason I regret living in Canada. 
Oh, for one try at  Jeopardy!


[insert pithy quote  here]
Paul Stone
Leamington, ON.  Canada

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