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Has anyone else noticed the 'feminization' of Andy?
Just that tiny bit more playfulness....
I've kept this email in abeyance for 5 minutes -- not sure I like the conflation (or implied exclusivity) of feminine and playful...
so many of you guys are so wonderfully playful. But there is something different -- something that keeps reminding me that Andy is now female. I'm wondering if Andy notices...

Andy Amago wrote:

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At 04:26 PM 1/12/2006, you wrote:

I rethought this after I sent it (I know, so what is new?). When I


read Paul's "really, no really" I thought he was poking fun at Andy, so
Andy kind of tickled him back.

In one way, I was -- of course. It's a direct quote. In another, I was alluding to the typical "denial" of which I will be accused.

But in re-reading this I thought maybe it could be misconstrued.

To what does the pronoun "it" refer in this sentence?

"It" is my little attempt at humor. Sometimes things are funny to me that
others don't get.

It wasn't at all intended negatively.

Same question as above.

Everything's fine then.  I'm glad.

Psst. You. You over there. You don't care how many hearts you break,



Is that rhetorical?

Yes, of course.  Andy has this weird sense of humor sometimes.  Don't ask.

I mean really. No, really. Not a care in the world.

I think I care. I just don't think I do it.

I agree.


I believe you mean "scheeeesh"

Or Cheech and Chong.  Like hey man, it's like ...

quibbling and dribbling,

More dribbling than quibbling,

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