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<<Desperately in need of a work out,>>

I was never a really physical creature.  Until I met my husband who had a 
membership to the local gymn.  And there was a pool.  And I love water.  It is 
the ultimate safety/cradle.  And then I read that swimming burned, like, 3 
as many calories as treadmilling or weight-lifting and I'm middle-aged and 
was getting the tire around the middle so I said I can do this.  Play in the 
water to get skinny.  And I did 2 laps and thought I would die.  And did three 
the next day.  And then 2 miles, finally, because as much as you swim you want 
to swim more. It is entirely addictive.  If you are away for a while you are 
insane.  It takes a few days back to restore the sanity.  There is a place, in 
the water where everything "real" goes away.  And Sanity is restored.  Sort of 
a Zen thing.  Go work out, Andy.  Please.

A.A.  I don't know why it's such a hard sell to most people.  Especially after 
a hard day, there's nothing like it.  Not for Body Beautiful reasons either.  
It just feels great and, as you say, is sanity making.


Julie Krueger
Shortly after a two-month hiatus, back on the road to sanity.

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