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kid made  a video clip with his cellphone

Well, considering that I'm kind of cynical, I think it should have been the  
girl who was going to get the $$--she did the work, after all, even if she is  
underage.  He was just exploiting her and from what it said, he didn't need  
the $, either.  I doubt though that he was getting only 10%...which is all  he 
should have received.  <wry look>  
Still--you are right--the implications for the web are important.   Maybe it 
will change from being the Wild Wild West (WWW) which had everything  all 
running together ... until there was a little organization in town.  (a  bit 
the comparison of Houston to most 'normal' cities, perhaps <wry  look>)
Maybe this situation, as well as the recent ebay one in England where the  
young woman was selling 15 minutes of time with a part of her anatomy in order  
to get money for college, along with a few other sensational ebay items  which 
keep showing up [particularly lately] may cause businesses (ie ebay)  on the 
web to create a 'red light district' which would allow both for  monitoring of 
minors - both in terms of content of minors as well as minor  selling items 
[as that seemed to be also what is complicating the  situation in India--not 
just the pornography element, I would say] but also it  would allow for them to 
increase in revenue if they charged to enter it...[plus  it would allow for 
those who would prefer to not think about such things to not  have to if we 
don't ... ]
But, mostly--it makes me so so sad.  Someone who probably is  creative--could 
have used his creativity for something productive and helpful  for the world. 
 Instead, he (probably) exploited someone (unless she  was 'in' on the 
concept with him--but I doubt it...) who (probably) cared for  him (or was 
afraid if 
she didn't do what he wanted that he would walk away--and  there are so many 
who do not know how to deal with that...and that sort of  coercion is used 
very much in teen relationships-esp these days), made light of  what she did 
(probably) to bless him..and also by selling the video clip,  engaged in 
that was illegal.  
Given that his family has money, I'm sure it won't scar him and there are  
enough people out there who will think it is funny and make light of it and  
won't see the sorrowful ramifications of his actions so he will end up just  
'fine'.  Not a better or more honorable person, probably will continue to  
women/girls but will be more careful as to how he does it.  (I am  so cynical 
when it comes to those who exploit Others--particularly young  women--the 
stats are frightening as to their desire for a Cinderella life and a  Prince of 
Man to live their lives with...even in India...esp this upcoming Gen  Y 
group...Gen X women are a bit more independent and I don't worry as much about  
them--they are a bit tougher in some ways [more vulnerable in others...] But,  
Gen Y young ones...)
But, fortunately--there are the other sorts of boys out there which give me  
hope for globally-minded soul-friends for my son and his caring crowd.   Like 
what I received today while at work...
And, THESE kids are also using video technology--but oh!  THESE are  the 
kinds of kids that give me hope.  NOT the kid in India.  (esp that  sort of boy 
NOT the type that I want my son hanging around...that  boy just makes me 
sad...he has missed seeing the wonder in so much...and is  unable or unwilling 
use that energy he has for sweet and glorious  good...)
But, in this following sort of situation...we can vote for which spark of  
creativity would win...not only do you get to see youth engaged in productive  
thought and action--but we all get to see what is 'out there' that is good and  
true and brave and caring and honorable and grand and glorious within the 
youth  of the world...
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