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I kinda wondered that myself yesterday.  I kept envisioning one of  these 
things either crashing or deploying ammunition it wasn't supposed to have  and 
the Govt. crying "terrorist"!
Julie Krueger
I probably don't even want to know....

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What's this about, I wonder? Loose nukes? Speeding  tickets? 
Trying to find an honest  man?


Global  Hawk to Fly 1st Mission Over U.S.
Nov 19 2:59 PM US/Eastern

They've  become a fixture in the skies over Iraq and 
Afghanistan, a new breed of  unmanned aircraft operated with 
remote controls by "pilots" sitting in  virtual cockpits many 
miles away.

But the Air Force's Global Hawk has  never flown a mission 
over the United States.

That is set to change  Monday, when the first Global Hawk is 
scheduled to land at Beale Air Force  Base in northern 
California.  "This landmark flight has historic  implications 
since it's the first time a Global Hawk has not only flown  
from Beale, but anywhere in the United States on an official 
Air Combat  Command mission," base spokesman Capt. Michael 
Andrews said in a  statement.

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