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  • Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 15:35:43 -0500

>What Paul is objecting to is not clear to me.  However, the response
>regarding the Holocaust strikes me as being a familiar one to those who know
>their Hebrew Bible.  In the book of Exodus, God tells the people of Israel
>to take special care of widows, orphans and strangers because they were once
>widows, orphans and strangers in Egypt when God had compassion on them.  The
>punishment for abusing this class of people is extreme because it represents
>an offense against God.  Israelis should act differently because of the
>Holocaust and that experience should be a measure for their own society.  To
>act in any way that resembles the horror of the Holocaust should be an
>abomination for Israelis.

I totally agree. But, in this case, the EXACT opposite appears to be true. 
What the metonymic "Israel" of the title of the piece, apparently IS 
disturbed about is 1) not the mistreatment of the Palesitinian, and it's 
not even 2) the action that resembles the horror of the Holocaust. IT SEEMS 
to me that it IS 3) the fact that these soldiers were actually seen to be 
mocking the memory of the Holocaust by doing this. In other words, the way 
the story is written, it appears that the elders who spoke out against this 
action did so, not in any way because of the actions against this man, but 
because, in some way, their forcing him to play his violin, somehow alluded 
to the Holocaust, and in doing so, cheapened the memory of the Holocaust, 
because, afterall, this (the Palestinian/Israel conflict) is nowhere near 
as serious. That was my take. Perhaps I'm wrong.

>Perhaps Paul objects to the standard being Israeli (as opposed to some
>universal right?),



Paul Stone
Kingsville,ON, Canada
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