[lit-ideas] Re: disimplications of "know" [a correction]

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Defeasing disimplications of "know" [(a correction of) a correction]
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  I could make [a] living out of sending corrections to my own posts. Here's 
the latest—an important one for it negates the one it corrects.

  *This is a strange conclusion. Some days ago, Donal posted links to the 
famous/infamous paper in which Edmund Gettier provided several examples of a 
person's having a justified true belief that most people would NOT count as 
cases of his knowing P, cases in which we WOULD [ not "would not"] say (most of 
us) that even though a person had a true, justified belief that P, she did not 
know it.

  Robert Paul

At least you didn't end with "or not."

Richard Henninge
University of Mainz

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