[lit-ideas] Re: curiosity

  • From: "Simon Ward" <sedward@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 16:39:20 +0100

Lawrence: I don't like the idea of not being able to think clearly.

[I was so tempted by this statement, but managed to hold back. I'm really 
pleased with myself.]

I had some of my best ideas under various influences. If only I could remember 
what they were...

I recently gave up smoking (still giving up really). Glad I did it, but it made 
me extremely stressed about how I'd cope with my work. I used to sit at the 
keyboard taking an ocassional drag but mostly getting stained fingers. It was 
part of my working process. Now I get by drinking lots of tea interspersed with 
chewing gum. It still seems like some sort of addiction, but I assume it's less 

And to think Churchill used to survive on (I believe) brandy and cigars...but 
in those days, smoking wasn't bad for you was it.

In answer to Julie's question, yes I do drink. Pints of Doom Bar, since you 
ask. It's a middling session beer - real ale of course. That's when I'm down 
the pub. At home I finish off the evening with a glass of cheap red wine; a 
claret usually, made specially for Tescos and costing £2.99 a bottle. 


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