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He wrote the book in 2005.  SUV's were selling like hotcakes in 2005.  Oil was 
cheap in 2005.  Today you can't give SUV's away.  So the SUV as symbol of 
America has in fact proved itself.  The SUV has overturned, guzzled itself 
right out of existence, has it not?  The car companies promoted the big 
guzzlers too.  The Japanese had all the energy efficient cars.  
So, does your tank come with a cup holder?  It'll only cost $10,000 per fill up 
and gets 6 miles to the gallon parked.  City driving it gets less.  Okay, I 
made the numbers up but in searching it a bit it turns out they have hybrid 
tanks.  No kidding.  20% better mileage than conventional.  I think it's safe 
to say that their fuel tanks are huge and their mileage is probably the same as 
a Hummer.    
BTW, oil this morning at 5:38 a.m. NYMEX time was trading at $141.35 a barrel.  
It dropped to $140.83.  Maybe that was the new record, $141.  $139 had been the 
record.  Goldman Sachs, others said $150 by 4th of July and it didn't seem like 
it would get there and it probably won't, but it may well get there by the end 
of the year.  It was staying in the low to mid $130's.  Maybe it'll drop again 
to $133 or so.  Even at $150 a barrel it's still the cheapest liquid on earth 
per cup.  Way too underpriced for its value, but then that's what our society 
is based on, very very cheap energy.  For that matter, on very very cheap water 
too.  I read that even though people in Atlanta are saving water, they're 
wasting electricity as we all do.  It takes water to make electricity.

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Irene wrote

> Morris Berman (him again) says the SUV is symbolic for our stance in the 
> world.  Sits high to see over the rest of the cars, big supposedly to be 
> safer than the smaller cars, yet unstable and prone to overturning, and 
> completely dependent on imported oil.  Quite the encapsulation of our 
> society, don't you think?  The Hummer is out and out designed to
> military vehicles (we are an empire after all), also a horrific gas 
> guzzler of imported oil.  Berman wonders when they'll be coming out
> tanks for individual use.

Mr. Berman's been at the opium pipe too long. GM and Ford can't sell
SUVs and pickups they have sitting on lots around the country. They 
guessed wrong: you can't give away an SUV these days. The Big Three US 
auto makers are closing plants, laying off workers, and severely cutting 
the production of SUVs and light trucks in favor of making small cars. 
Today I noticed on the TV that some brokerage firm had issued a 'strong 
sell' on GM. The SUV is on its last wheels. Either Ford or GM or maybe 
both will be bankrupt before the year is out. But cheer up:


Robert Paul,
holding out for a Vespa
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