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> Eric wrote:
> "It depends, to some extent, whether imagination is
> the only subject
> that CANNOT represent itself."
> If I imagine making a promise, do I have to keep it?

Ans.No - not in law anyway. Morally? - Who knows? 

> If I imagine I am Superman, do I need to worry about
> kryptonite?

Ans. I imagine so, at least in your imagination.

> If I dream that I am lecturing and then realize I don't
> have pants on,
> will I be arrested?

Ans. Perhaps, if (though you are dreaming) you are in fact lecturing, or if you 
have committed an earlier offence, or if you are black in Roxburgh.

Another question:- can I imagine myself imagining? If so, am I "representing" 
imagining through an act of imagination? If so, in what sense? And in what 
sense am I not "representing" imagining through an act of imagining?

(Still awaiting an good answer to the question:- "Can I imagine '2+2=4'? Can I 
imagine '2+2=5'?)
Slum landlord

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