[lit-ideas] Re: comments the DEMs must defend

  • From: joerg benesch <jgruel@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 20:24:27 +0100

Hitler was a vegetarian - Vegetarians don't eat pork - Militant Islamists don't eat pork - So Hitler was the Grand Mufty and dubya is the Pretzel Lama. Nuke'em all!

NeoSuebian wolfowitzing for a not too absurd reason to invade Bavaria

Brian schrieb:
I will be happy to oblige in your distinctions if they are true, but they are not. Saddam Hussein had a history of supporting terrorism and therefore militant Islam though you persist in saying this isn't so. (I believe you have also propagated the notion that Saddam was secular but haven't explained why he went to the gallows with a Qur'an - asking that it be given to his friend after his death - and intoning the shahadah.) Here is a slew of links about Saddam's links to al Qaeda and terrorism:

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