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Well, don't know if "eviscerating" the CIA was a good idea, but they sure did miss a little thing like the crash of the Soviet Union, never saw it coming, but of course, we know all about Iran ... 
Lawrence has no choice but to rely on Fox for his evidence.  Reality would never support him.

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I'm citing the person being accused of wrong doing as a source.


The person being interviewed by Chris Wallace, the person being accused of wrong doing by the Defense Department Inspector General explains his actions.


The question of whether CIA information can be relied upon is a valid one.  The CIA was eviscerated after it was deemed by many to be no longer necessary after the fall of the Soviet Union.  They had no assets on the ground and the information that you love to say was a Bush lie was produced as a result of their inadequacies.  It isn’t as though the CIA had a lock on the truth and no one else’s opinion was valid.    




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