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Searle's view, which has been stated countless times as follows.
Skip the argument, the thesis is
1. A TT (i.e. Turing test) is neither necessary nor sufficient for establishing 
that x is intentional, for arbitrary x. if x is the Chinese room, the argument 
claims to prove that it does a. pass TT 2. does not have any 'semantic' power - 
dr Paul is correct in claiming that 'intentional' is an adjectival that stems 
from antiquity and it indicates, after Brentano's work, the 'property of being 
about'. the Chinese room utters and writes piece of syntax w/out semantics
2. there is one and only one machine that has syntax and semantics, and that is 
the brain of humans, which is reproducible by standard sex activities, hence we 
produce machines, known to the uncouth as children with semantics and syntax, 
hence those are intentional machines.

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Donal wrote (in a long and interesting post)

> If this accurately reflects Searle's view (or if Searle thinks
> machines can have 'intentionality') then his argument and position are
> very different from Popper's - on Popper's argument 'intentionality'
> transcends any physical or mechanical principle, and machines cannot think.

Searle does not believe that machines 'think,' or that they can have 
intentional states. Quite the opposite

'Intentionality,' is a Medieval concept introduced into modern philosophy in 
1874 by Franz Brentano, in Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint CPsychologie 
vom empirischen Standpunkt).

Intentionality concerns the directedness or 'aboutness' of 'many, if not all,' 
conscious states. No state of a machine has such a relation to anything else; 
this would seem to entail, more broadly, that machines can't think.

Robert Paul

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