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This is too hilarious.  Enjoy.
Julie Krueger

Pakistan deletes 'pro-Bush' poem 
Pakistan's  government is to remove a poem from a school textbook after it 
emerged the first  letters of each line spelt out "President George W Bush".  
The anonymous poem, called The Leader, appeared in a recent English-language  
course book for 16 year-olds.  
Critics say it praises Mr Bush. Its rhyming couplets describe someone "solid  
as steel, strong in his faith".  
Officials cannot explain how the poem entered the curriculum. Pupils are to  
ignore it ahead of a reprint next year.  
Not deliberate'  
The BBC's Zaffar Abbas in Islamabad says it is a bizarre episode which has  
left education officials short of explanations.  

THE LEADER by anonymous 
P atient  and steady with all he must bear, 
R eady to meet every  challenge with care, 
E asy in manner, yet solid as steel,  
S trong in his faith, refreshingly real. 
I sn't  afraid to propose what is bold, 
D oesn't conform to the usual  mould, 
E yes that have foresight, for hindsight won't do,  
N ever backs down when he sees what is true, 
T ells  it all straight, and means it all too. 
G oing forward and  knowing he's right, 
E ven when doubted for why he would fight,  
O ver and over he makes his case clear, 
R eaching to  touch the ones who won't hear. 
G rowing in strength he won't be  unnerved, 
E ver assuring he'll stand by his word. 
W  anting the world to join his firm stand, 
B racing for war,  but praying for peace, 
U sing his power so evil will cease,  
S o much a leader and worthy of trust, 
H ere stands  a man who will do what he must. 
At first they put the poem's appearance in the grade 11 textbook down to a  
Then on Monday they said it may have been downloaded from the internet by a  
textbook writer, and later approved for publication by the curriculum 
An education ministry spokesman argued that the poem was a good description  
of a true leader - which might explain how it got through the vetting process. 
But the poem has prompted criticism in local media in Pakistan, where there  
is opposition to President Pervez Musharraf's support for the US-led "war on  
Some opposition members say the poem shows the government has gone over the  
top in its support for the US.  
Pakistan's government has denied any deliberate attempt to promote the US  
The education ministry said it would remove the poem from the textbook and  
discipline the person responsible for including it. 
Story from BBC  NEWS:

Published:  2005/12/05 19:15:05 GMT


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