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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 20:38:04 -0800

Eric Yost wrote:

Robert: It is practically never true that one can save money by buying elsewhere; in fact, I’ve never found an instance where it was.

Sorry to contradict you, Robert, but I've done my own slaphappy research and come to opposite conclusions.

Held up for your examination: _Grumpy O'er the Mere_ by Moelap Cross Dingman.




Seller: Excon Books (Safe buying guarantee appears legitimate)

Availability: Usually ships in 10-20 business years; Ships from Uttar Pradesh, India.
See shipping rates. (Check of shipping rates shows a $50 fumigation fee for US customs, a $425 "caravansary" fee, and a special handling fee of $800.)

Comments: Spine broken, binding decayed, pages missing. Might have black, blue, red, neon orange, or blood marks. May be carved, hollowed, infested with water beetles, or mildly radioactive. Pages missing. May substitute paperback copy of _Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance_ without warning.



Title Unavailable.




Ships overnight courier within 2 to 3 minutes after receipt of order.

Binding: Leather, stamped, gold-edged, uncut pages. Description: Brand spanking new. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or Lenny, our part-time bookseller, will crawl to your house on hands and knees, beg your forgiveness, present you with a solid silver ingot worth $25,000, and commit ritual suicide on your least favorite neighbor's lawn. You will love this book and we will get it to you or destroy ourselves trying.
I believe the part about Powell's.

Robert Paul
Fond du Lac WI
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