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  • Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 13:19:29 EST

Why does David whoever's pic remind me so much of Scott Hamilton?
Intruiging these are, yes.  I would love to be able to put pic's w/  sn's.
I'm almost inspired to take the trouble of copying photos to  digitals.
I had a beloved border collie.  He was a gift from my brother; 6 weeks  old 
he was.  My daughters fell in love with him.  Problem was, he  chased 
everything.  Maybe I've said this before.  Apologies if so. 
He wouldn't hurt a flea, but he terrified everyone going down the  street.  I 
tried everything.  Fences he crawled under or climbed  over.  Chains he 
broke.  A corkscrew device which he amazingly broke  in too.  Even a chain of 
airline cable which he also managed to  break.
I had to end up giving him away where he could run.  He was the  sweetest dog.
My daughter is now heavily petitioning for fish.  I asked her if she  
understood the relationship between cats and fish.  She reminded me that  the 
and mice have co-existed successfully in her room for a couple  months.
Julie Krueger

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