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Walter benjamin's death's cause was cardiac arrest. Two people told me
that when he died his heart ceased motion.

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> We are discussing what a lister called an elementary school book or
> text book, or words to that effect -- which apparently has been
> reviewed profusely.
> I think there is an online site that states causes of deaths of famous
> (and infamous) philosophers: Grice, of 'non-natural causes', as I
> recall.
> Note incidentally, that Grice considers the phrase, "French poet" in
> "Aristotle on the multiplicity of meaning". He notes that "French" is
> NOT polysemous, but "French poet" can be given a few 'pragmatic'
> readings:
> a poet writing in French
> a poet writing in German (say), but born in France.
> The same can be said of French professor. Or French teacher. Or, for
> that matter, as Geary may testify, "Soviet spy".
> I would add: "Why" did Benjamin die as he did. Or not.
> ---- Cheers,
> KEYWORD, to echo McEvoy: the ever-incomprehensible Modernism.
> Speranza
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> *In a recent book I'm now sorry I mentioned it was said that Benjamin
> committed suicide,
> Omar responded
> 'It wasn't a suicide, but then he was a Soviet spy. This looks like
> some elementary school textbook.'
> *I asked Omar how this was known, that Benjamin was a 'Soviet spy,' and
> then posted links to three accounts of Benjamin's death just in case
> anyone would be interested in the controversy surrounding it.
> Omar responded
> 'I am saying it because he was. Not sure why you would ask for
> additional reasons for saying it.'
> *This is, I grant, a powerful argument.
> Robert Paul
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