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If we're just trying to reminisce a bit about those we've discussed things with in the past, I have some really old emails (on an older computer) that I can't access any more as separate emails, but I can go into the files directly and coax out names of senders. Here is a partial list of who was talking about the war, and the anthrax scare, and "Landonomics" in 2002:

Lance Simmons
Martin Abramson
Stan Spiegel
Jaime Ferguson
Julian O'Dea
delia friedberg
Alex Trifan
david savory
Thomas Hart
Alison Parker
Pierre R Lafleur
Steve Wall
Edward Gleason
Ed Farrell
Wm & Norma Ball
Paul Bullen
Shalom Carmy
Stephen Straker
Lonnie Jaycox
Ty Moore
David G. Murray
Ceridwen Harris
George O'Brien
Janette Poulton
Ralph Larsen
Bev Hogue
Michael Chase
Eric Dean
josey wells
Christine Brewer
Steve Schroer

Some of these have been mentioned before, but it was interesting to see names come up that I now recall having interesting conversations with, or at least observing interesting conversations, even though I had completely lost that name until looking it up just now. (I also was interested in seeing my own name but once as I was going through LOTS of message headers; it looks like I didn't have much to say after all.)

Julie Krueger wrote:
Is there still a way to access the old Phil-lit archives? And is Lit-Id being archived somewhere?

Julie Krueger


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