[lit-ideas] and the Four-Category Ontology

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I tried but had been unable to track this 4dnowwatch, either as web "site" or 
as an rtefact, henceforth it is probaby slightly more illuminating if links are 
best of baraqa

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>Grice worked with different types of ontologies. Finally he settled for a
"four-category ontology". And we think he did right.>

There is the scene in Spinal Tap where the guitarist is explaining that while 
most amps only go up to 10 his goes all the way up to 11 ["that's one louder"]: 
in that spirit, and while acknowleding that Popper wished to avoid the term 
"ontology" (essentially because of its "essentialist" connatations), Popper's 
Worlds 1-2-3 may be regarded as a three-category ontology of sorts, but does 
this "ontology" possibly go way up to 11 and even beyond? Apparently so: see 
Popper's Emory Lectures, now published as "Knowledge and the Mind-Body 
Problem". Ockham might be spinning in his grave except such motion might 
multiply entities needlessly.

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