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  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 01:32:10 EST

So Brokaw and Rather are leaving.  Jennings seems staying put for the  
meantime.  I remember how pale and haggard he looked after days of nearly  24 
reporting after 9/11..
I remember David Brinkly leaving -- I loved him and missed him.  He  was The 
Person Who Told Me What Went On In The World all the time I grew  up.
Does anyone have a comparison to make?  How do you rate Brokaw &  Rather and 
Jennings comparitively as reporters?
Is Lauer an acceptable appropriate replacement.
I will miss Brokaw because for many years he has been a solid entity.   
Familiar.  Dependable.  Kind-faced.  Seemingly honest.
Julie Krueger

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