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JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx wrote:

It's getting clearer. Before I was a full-time Mom these absurdities were not on the appications. Btw, I type 120 wpm, thank you very much.

Is that hand timed or electronically timed? It is still awesome to one who grew up when 60 wpm was listed as the minimum requirement in secretarial ads. And then, there's Barbara:

Barbara Blackburn, the World's Fastest Typist

Typing, Fastest. Mrs. Barbara Blackburn of Salem, Oregon can maintain 150 wpm for 50 min (37,500 key strokes) and attains a speed of 170 wpm using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) system. Her top speed was recorded at 212 wpm. Source: Norris McWhirter, ed. (1985), THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, 23rd US edition, New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.


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