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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 20:15:40 -0700 (PDT)

I sometimes wonder about this.  I've muted my television while not using 
captions and tried lip reading what's going on on the screen.  I can't 
understand a thing.  Even with training, a reader/listener can only understand 
one person at a time that they can see, and many sounds are similar even if the 
speaker is careful about shaping the words with his mouth.  There's a book 
called What's That Pig Outdoors, by Henry Kisor, a journalist who was deafened 
at a very young age, but after he learned to speak.  He (his family) rejected 
ESL and used oralism to fit him into a hearing world.  He writes about how 
difficult it was to go through the educational system and life in general being 
unable to hear.  He married a hearing girl.  The title of his book refers to 
one of problems of lip reading, the "what's that pig outdoors" is what he heard 
when his father said something that had nothing to do with pigs or outdoors.  
(The way I find a use for things is to throw them out.  I threw
 out my paper on the book when I threw out my notebooks.  I therefore can't 
tell you what his father really said.  But, I don't have the clutter, so the 
trade off is worth it.)  At any rate, your student really does sound like 
someone who rejected her deafness and tried to fit into a hearing world, 
probably with great loss to herself.  I wonder if it's because her family 
didn't want to be bothered learning ESL, I'm just speculating.  

John Wager <john.wager1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was once asked to make "reasonable accommodations" for a deaf student in my 
class. She didn't want an interpreter that would translate my class on the fly 
into sign language; all she wanted was for me to shave my mustache a bit higher 
so she could see my upper lip to do lip reading.  This seemed quite reasonable 
to me, so for the rest of the semester I was a bit less shaggy in my mustache 
than I might have been. 

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