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What better example that the human race functions out of a child state, 
everybody, including the media.  Ooo, I'm telling, daddy said a bad word.  
Likewise the article that Carol posted about Israeli candor is also evidence 
that people (not Israelis, people) simply enjoy war.  There is no other way to 
explain the tens of thousands of wars, many of them extremely bloody, since 
history began.  The world is just a big school yard, a real life Lord of the 
Flies, only with no adults in sight.  Ooo, I'm telling, daddy said a bad word 

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The current Top Leading Headline Story on the CNN website front page at this 
moment is, I kid you not, that Bush used the "s****" word in an informal 
conversation with Blair and it was picked up by a microphone.

What is even more priceless is that whoever wrote the story felt the need to 
tell us that "his remarks were unscripted". 


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