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  • From: Judy Evans <judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:32:53 +0100

I am so sorry

Tuesday, July 26, 2005, 4:00:13 AM, JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx wrote:

Jac> Three weeks ago I had a bad car wreck.  I was driving in
Jac> the left hand  lane of a two-lane semi-highway, driving 50 in a
Jac> 55 mph zone.  I came over  a small hill and suddenly in front  of
Jac> me were three large rolls of carpet  -- the log sized rolls that
Jac> you see standing against the walls in  showrooms.  They were
Jac> absolutely smack dab in the middle of the lane, all  lying at
Jac> angles, kitty-corner.  There was heavy fast-moving traffic in the
Jac> lane to my right.  There was no room between the rolls of carpet
Jac> and the  concrete median on my left.  You know how in an accident
Jac> on one level it  seems to be in slow mo and on another it happens
Jac> in a split second.   Somewhere in my mind I was thinking whether
Jac> it would be more dangerous to plow  into the first roll of carpet
Jac> or swerve around and risk side-swiping cars in the  right lane
Jac> (the police later told me if I had chosen to run into the
Jac> carpets, my  daughter & I would likely have been thrown through
Jac> the windshield).  I  slammed on the brakes and chose the swerve
Jac> option.  Managed to squeak  around the first two rolls but caught
Jac> a corner of the third roll with my tire,  propelling me into a
Jac> concrete median, which caused the car to skid along at a  nice
Jac> clip on its left (driver's) side for a while, before turning onto
Jac> its roof  and skidding some more.  When it came to a stop, I was
Jac> unconscious and  hauled into an ambulance with 4 broken ribs,
Jac> torn neck ligaments, a gash that  needed sutures, a totaled car,
Jac> and no idea where my 13 yr. old daughter who had  been in the
Jac> passenger seat was.  When they pulled me out of the car I saw 
Jac> her -- she had broken her window out with the heels of her hands,
Jac> remembering  someone telling her they were the strongest part of
Jac> her hands, and crawled out,  causing shards of glass to be
Jac> embedded in her hands, knees, and feet.  By  the way, for what I
Jac> believe is the first time since she outgrew an infant seat,  she
Jac> had by fluke forgotten to put her seatbelt on.  It's a total 
Jac> instinctive reflex in my kids after their early years of
Jac> training.  The  police & paramedic on site looking at the car
Jac> said if she had her seatbelt  on, the caving in of the roof of
Jac> the car would have crushed her head into her  neck and broken her
Jac> neck and she most likely would not be alive.
Jac> Now to my question.  Local lawyers have been of no
Jac> assistance.   The police here are ....  well, never mind the
Jac> adjectives.  The police  report should be released in a couple
Jac> days.  They threw the carpet away,  apparently didn't check for
Jac> tags.  The driver who lost those rolls in the  highway was either
Jac> the most oblivious person on the planet or totally  negligent. 
Jac> There must be some way of finding out who was transporting 
Jac> carpet on that part of that road on that date at that time.  But
Jac> I don't  know how.   Anyone???  Someone didn't get carpet they
Jac> were  expecting ....either at a retail store, or outlet, or a
Jac> home or  office...   Yes, we had full coverage on the car,
Jac> including uninsured  motorist and hospitalization, but it still
Jac> won't cover the med bills, and I've  been seriously disabled for
Jac> 3 weeks.  I'd sure like to hold someone  responsible.
Jac> Julie Krueger
Jac> thoroughly frustrated by meds, pain, hospital bills, & lack
Jac> of  transportation (insurance co's aren't exactly  expedicious).




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